Well hello there,
I'm Jake Love and I live in Portland, Or.
I write code and bend pixels to my will.

16 years as a hobby
11 years professionally
I work in WordPress & Drupal!
Freelance Developer & Designer

WordPress Services:

DKS Associates
Century City Chamber
Bill Michaels Sports
Tyson Fitzgerald


SASS, Compass, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, PHP, XML, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, The LAMP Stack
Sing Like Brad Paisley
Sing Like Carrie Underwood

“Jake is amazing to work with. His professionalism and level of competence is superb. Working with him has been an excellent experience.”

- John Holdridge
Director, Brand Strategy at Fullscreen, Inc

“I have hired and worked with Jake on many occasions. I do the web design and content for my clients and then I contract the coding with Jake. He follows my design concepts, makes excellent programming suggestions and delivers on time. Excellent to work with.”

- J. Scott Collard
Principal at J.S. Collard Design

“Jake was one of the best students I had while teaching at the Art Institute.. I was always impressed by Jake’s ingenuity and the speed with which he could produce solid work..”

- Tom Wheeler
Web Developer, Instructor, Artist

“Jake is a smart, talented, and skilled developer that naturally understands code, executes with skill beyond most, and does it without breaking a sweat..”

- Greg Becker
Interaction Designer at Nike

“Jake Love is a professional with personality. Not only is he skilled at multiple scripting languages, but he has the ability to interact with people on any level. He understands the importance of his work and takes it seriously, but is also personable, making work fun..”

- Phil Riehl
UI/UX Designer at Intel Corporation

“Jake is the type of person people gravitate towards both because of his personality and because he was one of the top people in class.. His understanding and implementation of design principles is one thing that makes him an excellent web developer.”

- Jake Harwood
Shop Coordinator at Thinkery

“Jake is a very talented developer. My experience working with him has always been extremely positive. He always met deadlines and exhibited great leadership skills.”

- Andrew Tibbs
Web Developer at Switchyard Creative Group

“I can’t express well enough how smart and talented Jake is. I’ve worked with him in many classes and I always benefited from collaboration with him. He has a great work ethic and impeccable attention to detail.”

- April Gallaty
Front End Web Developer at Act-On Software, Inc.

“Jake is a rockstar web developer. I’ve worked with him on several projects and he’s never afraid to tackle a task, even if it’s something he’s never done before.. Any opportunity to work with Jake is always a welcome one.”

- Justin Ahrendt
Web Developer/Project Manager at AngelVision Technologies

“I watched Jake endeavor to build website functionality that was beyond his level of expertise at the time, and he would always figure out how to implement our clients’ needs. He is an influential web developer who would be an asset to any company.”

- Amy Mayer
Freelance Front-End Web Developer & Visual Designer

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